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Hello David ...

This sounds pretty dang good to my ears! I think you have the vocal just where it should be ... EQ & reverb. In the total soundscape, perhaps it's just a wee bit forward ... but not enough to take a way from the listen. I enjoyed it very much!

Just a quick question. Your profile says you're from the UK. Your vocalist sounds as though he might be from the US. Regardless, it's a super collab on a really nice song. I thoroughly enjoyed my listen!

Wishing you the very best. Please be safe ...


Hi Alan, thanks, the reverb is a lot better now, I'd used a bit too much initially.

Yes, I'm in the UK and Justin the singer is in Canada, I found him via the Fivver website and he's now done half a dozen songs with me so far. Hit lucky with him :-)

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Another good song.
I make songs and try to sing but, I can't do it like Justin.
Well done.

Thanks Captain, I'm the same, I try but it's just not as good as someone who can do the job properly, I'm okay for a guide vocal but these days that's it!

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