A song about lost love and wishing I could have handled it better


I'm The One To Blame

Style is _CHILPOP.STY (Electronic Chillout Pop)
Style MIDI Instruments are : Finger Electric Bass (34), Acoustic Piano (1),
RealTracks in style: 1004:Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm ClassicRockStrumming Ev16 065
RealTracks in style: 1542:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm PopBelieve Ev16 065
RealDrums in Song: PraiseWorshipShine^03-a:Kick, HiHat , b:Snare, HiHat Slightly Open

Each track exported from BiaB individually into Mixcraft and from there EQ messed. The electric guitar solo was the only instrument 'played' by me and was recorded inside Mixcraft with Compression, distortion and reverb added. Vocals have compression and reverb.
Mastered by a friend but I've no idea what he did.


I saw your train pull out from the station back in June
I watched it disappear into the distance
Now the winter's crept in slowly there's frost upon the window 
Through which I stare, but you're not there

I read your letter often to try and understand
What I said or did to make you go back to Versailles
And I look back on that summer before you went away
This is the bottom line, the sun don't shine

Cos I've not see the sun since you went away
Summer through to winter just the same
The sun no longer shines, they're all just cold, dark winter days
That remind me daily I'm the one to blame

Goodbye my angel, there are other worlds to fly. 
If time’s a healer, why is there no change as it goes by?
My memories don’t fade, I can’t see how they’ll erase.
This is the life I’ve made, vous êtes allé 

The day before I wrote this was grey just like the one
Before it and the one before that too
My  world is never changing, no colour sun or you
Why did you have to go and stop the show?

Copyright John C Williams 2018

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