Dear All,

I have a problem with the DAW-PlugIn and my DAW REASON (but the same thing happens with the PlugIn and REALBAND)
When I open the PlugIn and select a Style, the style demo is played –fine
When I select it for the PlugIn and generate a song, it happens so – fine
When I press Demo in the PlugIn, no sound – bad
When I play the song from the PlugIn, no sound (but the Bar marker moves) – bad
When (Sync activated) I play the song from my DAW, no sound – bad
If I draw the song into the DAW, it works fine – good
The Stand alone Version of the PlugIn works fine.
So, this is not an urgent problem, but it diminishes the usefulness in terms of an uninterrupted Workflow. I would be happy to have a solution.
This is my setup:
- Reason 11 (V11.3.2d2 stable) in the Flavour Suite
- Win 10 Version 2004 build 19041.546 64Bit (all updates installed)
- 64 Bit Software packages for Band in a Box, the DAW PlugIn and Reason 11
- The DAW PlugIn used is VST2 as Reason does not accept VST3 yet
- Audio Interface is Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6.
Band in a Box and REASON are set to the same Frequency of 44100 and the same buffer size, I cannot find out if both use the same BitSize (16 or 24).
Band in a Box on: K:\Kompositionen\BIAB and the PlugIn resides in K:\Kompositionen\BIAB\BBPlugin
Band in a Box is Version 734 and the PlugIn is 2.12.15
The Audio interface and its driver support multiple Clients (even with ASIO) and I can run Band in a Box and Reason simultaneously and both audio output is produced. I did a check with onbord sound, the same positive result.
I did set audio preferences to “no exclusive use” and Band in a Box to “ASIO always on” unchecked.

Only once (and I tried every possible variation over the course of 4 month with every Version that was current from that time on) in maybe hundred attempts, I came up with a message that says “STOP TRACKS – The DAW Host is currently playing, so local Playback within the PlugIn is disabled. Press STOP in the host to enable local Playback.” I did, but no local playback.
And from the FleshMessageLog that came up after the first start following a complete fresh install I found this: Windows Audio Session Fehler: Input und Output Sample Raten müssen übereinstimmen. Audio Input (Aufnahme) wird dekativiert. Die Fehlernummer ist -9997 [2020.714.0, 01.09.2020 08:34:57] log mix of drivers
That translates into WAS Error, Audio Input deactivated. I corrected this, but no success. The most interesting part here was: MIX OF DRIVERS

And guess what. It is impossible to choose a driver setting that has all the same drivers in each application. (I assume that the PlugIn will have the same choices as the standalone Version - WAS and direct sound)

Band in a BOX offers: MME, ASIO and WAS(api)
DAW-PlugIn offers: Windows Audio and direct sound
REASON offers: MME, ASIO and DX

I do not have deep knowledge to tell if direct sound and DX is the same (i think one is a subset of the other) or if WAS (Windows Audio System API) is the same as Windows Audio (again I think that one is a part of the other).
But anyhow. If it is necessary to have the same settings in all applications (I do not know how the settings of the PlugIn are derived - are they fixed, do they come from Band in a Box or is this controlled via the Standalone Version) then this cannot be done.

I have not received an answer yet regarding which settings must be selected where.
And I lack an answer if this behaviour described below is by Purpose (which does not make any sense for me, if there is input needed – then the window should stay open).

There are some strange effects when opening the style picker for the first time from within the PlugIn. The bbw4_64.exe opens up for a flash moment in a very small part of the menue band.
If fast enough, I am able to open the audio Preferences and I see that WAS is selected, even when Band In a Box main application has either ASIO or MME selected. I am even able (with much luck and speed, to change this to MME, so I could try with Band in a Box, The DAW PlugIn and REASON all set to MME. The Problem persisted.
I am not sure, if this popping-up is a problem or intended. I also do not know for sure, which settings I should select in case input should be needed. I still await answers from support here.
Some minor inconsistencies that seem to change from Version to version are present, but I would rule them out for the moment.

Any Solution or suggestion is appreciated.
“Musicians”: UltraPak 2021
DAWs: Reason 11/Studio one 5.2
"Instruments": VSTs and REs
Notation: MuseScore 3
Interface: NI Komplete Audio 6
Mic: RØde NT1-A
Controller: Panorama/KAWAI VPC1
OS: Windows 10 64 Bit