I've used the Drag and Drop function in PT2020 to be able to edit audio tracks where a vocal phrase is off the beat. It has worked well and saved time not having to cut and paste.

On a recent project, where the score is in 3/8 time, when I try to drag and drop, the Drag Drop Edit pop up window has the correct drop location, but when I press "OK" an error comes up - "Data Entry Error. The number is out of range. The number should be between 0 and -1". This seems to make no sense as the Time is in Bars:Beats:Ticks. Can anyone please explain, preferably with a solution? Is this another time when PT struggles with any time signature other than 4/4?

I've change the resolution, but this has no effect. Ok, I can go back to cut and paste, but this takes time when I'm editing multiple vocal tracks in one song.
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