This is a co-write between Marty Straub and myself. Just the two of us this time, Chris is on hiatus for the next month or two.

Winter Memories

The Band:

~2494:Piano, Acoustic, HeldChords 120
~509:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Dire Ev 120 (panned right)

Drums: EZDrummer2

Dave Bell: Vocal, Lead Guitar (strat), Rhythm Guitar (tele, panned left)
Marty Straub, aka BabuMusic: Bass Guitar

Mixed with Reaper using plugins from Waves and iZotope, Mastered with Ozone9

Winter Memories (2020, Dave Bell & Marty Straub)

Winter is a' comin'. There's a chill in the air.
You get a nice fire goin', sittin' in your favorite chair.
The birds have flown South, the leaves have gently fallen.
Colder days are early dark, my warm fireplace is callin'.

Gotta go on livin' though the end is drawing near.
Memories are flowing in the shape of happy tears.
All my life is laying bare while the bell continues ringing
Memories are rising high, my soul keeps on singing

Chorus: Winter memories are the treasures that I count.
They show success and strife.
Winter memories hold the meaning of my life.


Fallin' back to Autumn is a colorful dream.
I can see the children playing as I look on them and beam.
Back in Summer when I met you our life was just beginning.
Earlier in Spring I felt the call for winning.


All comments welcome! I'll upload to SoundCloud soon.