I was improvising with a virtual instrument I really like called Bohemian Violin (by Virharmonic) and this melody came out. If you don't know Bohemian Violin, it's got AI in it so you just play it like the piano and it sounds pretty good. You don't have to worry about articulations and key switches.

But I needed chords to support the melody.

I worked out the chords in Band in a Box and, after some hunting around, chose the style Esquire Slow Celtic Waltz. It makes sense--it is kind of a Celtic waltz. I took out the piano from the style, so it's just guitar and bass that's left. I dragged those two audio tracks into Cubase and played the violin VI over it.

The performance on the violin was a first take, but then I messed with it quite a bit in MIDI. After that, I spent a long time writing and playing a lot of parts. I made it into a huge deal with strings and a trumpet, etc., but at the end of the day, I decided that it sounded best with just a violin and a simple accordion part, which came from a library called Balkan Ethnic Orchestra, by Strezov Sampling. (I also put in some cymbals from a free Spitfire Audio LABS thing, but every time I listen to it, it annoys me and I wish I hadn't.)

I rarely leave BIAB tracks in my final compositions, but I knew that if I tried to imitate this guitar part myself, it would take me forever and it wouldn't be as good. So here it is.

I have always found it peaceful and calming. I hope you like it.


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