I'm using RealBand 2020. I want to have my RealDrum tracks end with a proper flourish ending, but instead the drums just keep playing until the song is out of measures. I am thinking there must be a way to tell the program where the end of the song was so the RealDrum track will end properly.

I have tried the following:

1. Set a blue (or green) marker on the last measure of the song.
2. Set a blue (or green) marker on the measure immediately following the final measure (in the gray area of the chord chart.)

Neither makes any difference in terms of how the drum track ends. The drums just keep playing normally (after flourishes at the marker points) until the song runs out of measures. Sounds very amateurish.

I did a chat with support and they suggested setting up the song in BIAB first and then importing it into ReadBand. Seems like a convoluted solution but I'm about to try it now and I'll report my discoveries here.

Does anyone have any insight into how (in RealBand alone) to create proper RealDrum endings?
Hugh Heinsohn