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I just got this in an email from alesis

Important News Regarding macOS 11 Big Sur and Alesis Products
It's that time again for your annual 'Don't update to the new shiny macOS just yet' reminder.

macOS updates are always exciting! Bringing new features, improved workflows and new value to your Apple products. Unfortunately, these updates also have a tendency to introduce instabilities for third party hardware and software products.

It is important to us that you continue to enjoy using your Alesis products without any downtime. We encourage you to remain on your current macOS until a full statement announcing hardware and software compatibility is made.

Until then, we also recommend turning off automatic macOS updates to prevent updating accidentally:

we've all seen problems with windows 10 updates but for a major name in music software like alesis to issue a warning is surprising

I get these from every vendor/manufacturer every time Apple does an update. They just don't get to tests the final release of the OS until it is released, so they can't be assured it all still works right. They have to send these CYA emails.

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