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Is use REAL sounds, whenever possible and am happy with the sound quality it produces, However using MIDI for the melody (and my own created background), I find that only the flute and vibraphone come close to sounding OK. Most other instruments sound like "toys". So any suggestion will be most welcome!


I agree that RTs sound great IF they match what you are doing but for total control you need MIDI sound sources. Your "Most other instruments sound like "toys"" statement is IMHO true for all GM sound sources. GM is good in BiaB for scratching out backing tracks but for polished work you need better MIDI sounds.

I would suggest that you work with Kontakt or SampleTank. I use Kontakt because it has a ton of native and third party sound presets. Other can chime in on SampleTank.

I suggest you get the free Kontakt Player first. Play with it to see if it fits your workflow. Just remember that if you purchase other presets BE SURE they say they work in Kontakt Player as some will only work in the full Kontakt. If you like the Player you can then purchase the full version IF you want more sounds and control over those sounds. Many people only use the Player. I use the full version.

Also google/Bing (an instrument of your choice) VSTi. There are many VSTis that don't need a player and some are very inexpensive and/or free. You may find sounds that you want there; I have a number of them that I use.

If you have heard any of my songs on the Showcase forum you will hear many of them as I mostly work in MIDI. Note that I do my chord work in BiaB then immediately after that move everything to my DAW Studio Pro One 5 as I find working in a DAW is much easier then working in BiaB. I had the same workflow when I was using Cakewalk then Sonar.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

PS - If you like Kontakt and want the full version wait for a sale. They usually have at least one a year. You can usually purchase Kontakt for about half price.
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