Also go to Help, What Add-ins Do I Have and see if you are missing any that should have been included in the UltraPak.

I have used BIAB since the inception eon's ago and in my collection I have 13,012 files with the .STY extension in my styles directory but I only show 9,307 in StylePicker. That is quite a few missing styles in StylePicker and I have never figuured it out.

One day I'll export the list as a text file and then compare what I have with the list that StylePiker shows and then try and load some of the missing styles to see what happens.

As it stands I have 3,705 styles on the hardrive that are not showing up in StylePicker even have doing a slow rebuild numerous times.

This is an old problem that has never been resovled by PGMUSIC
Windows 10 Pro