Well, supply and demand says that the places with the most traffic will also ask for the highest cut for consignment fees. I use Craigslist on those VERY rare occasions I sell anything. I have used Reverb in the past but demanded much from my buyers in the way of identification so I could get a good feeling that they were real. Craigslist buyers must be willing to meet me in the lobby of the police department. Same for Facebook buyers. As bad as this stuff has gotten anymore you simply can't trust anybody unless you have some kind of rapport with them.

I would suggest you do this as step one. Compile a list of what you have and what your prices are, and make to available here via PM only to those who request it. If someone asks for it you won't be accused of spamming the user base.

I for one always like to know what is floating around out there. Others may think that is a horrible idea but for me I'd like to know if there's anything I'd be interested in.
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