Dear Pipeline,

thank you again. You put so much effort in your answers. That is much more than one can expect.

And it helped!
I am not sure I understand the Element Software now much better, but at least good enough to get my problem solved.
Swapping the generic Midi out against the one provided by my Interface seemed to do the trick.

And it is repeatable.

As an add-on, I found the little tiny sliders to navigate through the full canvas for the graph and found what else is there (being some unwanted ins and out that I could delete).
It is so good to have this forum and within some cracks like you that are so generously share their knowledge and expirience with less talented members.
“Musicians”: UltraPak 2021
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Notation: MuseScore 3
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Controller: Panorama/KAWAI VPC1
OS: Windows 10 64 Bit