1. re MS. oh yes its obvious from that discussion with MS , they take it (audio) very very seriously.
and are working with audio product vendors closely. did you notice the midi comments ?
what a lot of people might not realise is there are lots of musicians working in hi tech orgs.
one company i once worked for , had more than a few muso's.
these people i suspect are also haveing an impact on tech decisions.
i'm sure MS have lots of musos working there. thus thats a
good thing.
2. what has really surprised me is on the pg mac forum how many people are haveing probs.
and heres me thinking of getting into mac. i'm just trying to
be open minded.
what really surprised me is soldered ram in the mac mini. really ?
thus this tells me this was to protect the higher end expensive macs.
add in the fact of limited numbers of ports, and an older upgradeable mac refurb is looking like a wise buy to me.
3. i also feel vindicated , once again , suggesting reaper as a good daw solution.
(episode 5 listen to the discussion on useing reaper, its performance // templates etc etc.)

frankly i wonder if there EVER WILL BE A PERFECT OS/DAW combo
solution for us song creators.
i'm sceptical frankly.

i'm gradually working my way through the dawbench episodes.
anyone with a studio should give them a listen imho.

ps. fyi i just noticed pghboemike has today posted a MS video in the off topic forum. more info.

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