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I'm the one needs to delete the preference every time or is not able to reopen the software. Under the safe mode, everything works, but it is not for a long term.

For plugins, I have

Komplete 12 (native instrument)
Keyscape (spectrusonics)

Otherwise, nothing installed.

How long is PG music supposed to fully resolve the problem of the stabilities under Big Sur?

Thank you, and can you access the Plugins dialog? Please add those two plugins to the exclude list (or one at a time to test). here is a button in the Plugins dialog to do this. Does this stop the crash from happening?

I will try then. Fortunately, I don't need the plugins inside the BIAB, will test if there is no issues when I take BIAB as a plugin for Cubase. Thanks.

Do you have any plan of a updating version for that issue?
MacBook Pro 2020/Cubase 10.5/Komplete 12 Ultimate/SpecSonic KeyScape