For the "not available" styles, I'm able to listen to the demo, that means the .m4a file exist. For example, I'm gonna use "-500 WATT" which is perfect for "Mary has a little lamb" of SRV, but when I click "OK" to use, 3 out of 4 tracks are not available but the drums track.

I believe you have the UltraPAK so I wouldn't expect you to have any missing Drums.

Is this the style _500WATT.STY? This uses the Drums RockSyncKick^ which was part of RealTracks Set 273.

A) Do you see RockSyncKick^ in your Drums folder?
B) If so, check the RealDrums Preferences dialog and make sure that your Drums folder location is what you expect (if you are using a custom folder).

Edit: I think I misunderstood your question. Are you missing the RealTracks from this style, or the Drums?

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