I bought BIB 2020 last December, so this is my first upgrade cycle. I am confused about the myriad of addons and what goes with what...

I have:
BIB Ultra Pack 2020
Xtra styles 1-9
Bonus 49 Pack 2020

What I know I need/want:
BIB Ultra pack 2021 upgrade
Xtra Styles pack 10 (since I have 1-9)

What I'm confused about:
What is "Multi Styles 1"; how to I get it and do I need it
I have the 2020 Bonus 49-Pack, is the $49 for a new purchase or an upgrade to what I already have?
The BIB upgrade includes a "Bonus Pack", is that part of any of the above?

Anything else I am missing? lol

With so many different add-ons it is very confusing, especially for a new user. Has PG Music considered consolidating/simplifying them?

Thanks in advance for your assistance,
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