RealBand made me happy that it is able to use the Kontakt 6 tool that I use for choral singing in Studio One. I had a problem in Studio One, so I tried it in RealBand, where it stretched successfully, but it was silent. The "output" item is not on the main screen and must be called up and it can be seen that the sound is downloaded to zero (it does not have to be). After setting an acceptable value, the track is already audible.
About against Studio One is the slower stretching of the choir's sound, but not by much. Churches of the East_West type in RealBand could not be loaded for me as vst, which was successful with Kontakt.
BIAB 2022,RB 2022,PTA 2022,Windows 10,Studio One PRO 5.5,Melodyne Studio 5.3,Sibelius 8.4.1,Acoustica 7.3.10,Notion 6, Progression 3,Orb Composer 1.5.1,Harmony Assistant 9.9.5c,RX9,Ripx DeepAudio 5.2.6,Kontakt 6.7.1,DeCoda 1.3.0 a další.