My 2 cents:

From my limited personal experience (I've only discovered BIAB 2 years ago), BIAB has a solid engine (the bit that generates the music) and a decrepit outdated user interface that feels like it has been patched over and over and that hasn't changed for the past 2 years, not even when it was "converted" to 64 bits. As one of many possible examples, just look at the Preferences. It's a huge mess where even a new Tab named Preferences 2 has been clumsily added to allow for more options.

I'm by no means a software developer but, as a mere user and if I would have to guess, I would say that all the problems we are facing now have to do with the UI alone. If so, maybe another "quick" patch will at least render it fully functional and reliable for now but hopefully, in a not too distant future, we'll get a brand new and shinny UI that BIAB surely deserves.

Meanwhile... my warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!