Hello all,

I'm a BIAB hobbyist since 2005/6 on Windows; switched over to various other products but new to using BIAB on Mac since 2019. I'm also interested in this thread and have experienced various issues (eg. pink halo effect), but I'm wondering if anyone is experiencing the following:

- load/open a song (purposefully picked a bare bones one from 1995-2000) which still works on my old Windows XP perfectly fine. Worked fine in BIAB MacOS X pre-November 12th too.
- click on "Lead Sheet" icon/view; normally displays the lead sheet w/ the soloist's notes that you can follow along with.
- Post Big Sur update, the Lead Sheet window opens w/ a navigation bar, but no content. Can't close the window, minimize, nothing. BIAB isn't quite frozen....I can shut the entire app down.
- now I just "avoid" doing certain things I normally would do. This happens on EVERY song (new or old) but just in BIAB MaxOS v11.x.

- pretty sad that I have to go back to my old Windows XP 2005 version to view the Lead Sheet (export the PDF) so I have a copy of the music.

I'm familiar w/ software development in the open source world. Q. Is there a PG Music Bug Tracking site where users can submit issues & details like this? Get a trouble ticket # and then be able to follow the progress of said issues.

My concern is that not all the issues (or the least popular/critical ones) aren't being looked into, and after having to wait over a month for a fix, it would be even more frustrating to realize the fix/patch didn't resolve your specific issue.

Hoping someone at PG Music can provide more details on what issues are being worked on. (maybe a draft release notes). BIAB still has a strong & dedicated customer base, and we'd all luv to see a more stable product, but not knowing whats being worked on or the progress of issues is really frustrating newbies and veterans alike.

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