JFW - "Post Big Sur update, the Lead Sheet window opens w/ a navigation bar, but no content."

I have the same issue, but it is a feature that I rarely use to be honest.

On installing the latest update I still see the flash of purple when I initially open BiaB for the first time in the Title window. Clicking on it clears it but I still see a slight outline in purple on the left side. This is no big deal as it does not seem to have any impact on general use as far as I can see.

The latest update seems to have fixed one problem I had, that I don't recall anyone else mentioning. Prior to the latest update opening File | Open song, the window scrolled well off to the right hand side and there was no way to reduce the size. All fixed noe.
M1 iMac 24” 2021 - Monterey 12.0.1

BiaB UltraPak+ 2021 Mac, (515) + pretty much everything extra.
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