Band-in-a-Box is not currently compatible with Big Sur. The main issues are:

- Notation window and Lead sheet window do not work.
- Crash at bootup on some systems.
- Purple color on some toolbar and mixer elements.

These issues are not trivial, so unfortunately there is not a "quick fix" that I can give you right now. We realize that it's frustrating. We will work out these issues, but don't have an ETA at the moment.

If you have been a mac user for a long time you'll know that Apple does this every so often, and the changes affect some programs more than others, as various development tool are deprecated and replaced with other tools and methods.... it's just how it is on the Mac. It is a beautiful OS though.

It is unfortunate that (with the exception of the purple color, which at least didn't affect basic functionality), these problems were not present in the Big Sur beta.

Edit - FYI one useful thing to know is that you can clone your Mac hard drive (e.g. using a program like Carbon Copy Cloner) onto an external USB hard drive, and then install a new OS onto that HD. You can then use System Preferences --> Startup disk to bootup in either OS.

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