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Edit - FYI one useful thing to know is that you can clone your Mac hard drive (e.g. using a program like Carbon Copy Cloner) onto an external USB hard drive, and then install a new OS onto that HD. You can then use System Preferences --> Startup disk to bootup in either OS.

Anyone here actually try to install a dual boot (i.e. macOS Catalina/Big Sur) and is currently using it w/ BIAB? Or is this one of those, "easier said than done" things.

EDIT: I don't have huge amounts of free space on my hard-drive either and BIAB is already running via USB external drive (that's how I purchased it).

I seriously don't want to hoop my MacBook Pro Big Sur (since its working pretty good w/ exception to BIAB). I've googled and have found general information (mostly from companies that want to sell you their cleaner product or copy/cloner product). Any links or videos someone use?

Not sure I still have macOS Catalina download link anymore.


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