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Assuming PG Music built, received Apple certification and posted an IOS app on the Apple store, how much could they charge and the app not be considered overpriced? For relative comparison, what is the Cubasis 3 app selling for?

Assuming not all features are offered, who decides what features are left out and what data or information is available to base the decisions on?

Cubasis sells on the App Store for around US$50 - and then has a range of IAPs (In-App Purchases). Pricing for a good iPad arranger app would obviously depend on the range of features - options could include a "Lite" version for the user with simpler needs and a "Pro" version for power users.

I think there is real value in PG Music's IP in the RealStyles, and could envisage them being sold as in app purchases. There is a popular iPad app called BeatHawk that has a huge number of music building blocks sold in themed packages.