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Band-in-a-Box® 2020 Build 421 (Dec 18, 2020) crashes on launch every time in Big Sur - reinstalling older version does not solve the problem the problem was introduced in Band-in-a-Box® 2020 Build 421 (Dec 18, 2020). Please help. BIAB is currently useless.

Unless you have an M1 Mac, it’s easy to install Catalina on an APFS volume or an external drive. An APFS volume doesn’t cost a thing. Apple has support documents and phone Tech Support for MacOS issues is free for Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur over supported hardware—all 2012 and later Macs except the Mac Pro 5.1 (Mojave only).

In my case, I have an external SSD with two APFS volumes that allows my iMac Pro to boot in Mojave (one of my bread & butter apps is waiting for an update) or Big Sur for testing. BIAB is not the only app I use that isn’t OS 11 compatible. I have my reasons for not having all three APFS volumes on my iMP but it is one of my options.

I have a twin drive toaster style OWC Drive Dock ($89) that contains that SSD—I just select the startup drive and reboot. The other slot has a 4TB SSD for samples and VI libraries and my Apple Music / iTunes library. BIAB is installed on the iMP 4TB internal that I can access from the other two volumes. No one has to do this thanks to APFS volumes.
OWC Drive Dock

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