Dual booting, or reinstalling back to Catalina, is still the best workaround at the moment. We're working on a Big Sur patch, though it will still take some time as we don't want to release something half-baked.

For anyone interested, I did some digging into Big Sur support with other software (and audio hardware) companies, and while I can't name names, of the 11 DAW's we have official tutorials for on our DAW Plugin page, only one third of them (3 out of 9, excluding Garage Band and Logic, of course, as they're made by Apple) support Big Sur 100%.

For the Apple M1 support, it gets worse. Only one single non-Apple DAW on our list has support for it (and that support is still experimental) while a couple others state that it will run with Rosetta2 but with issues.

Generally speaking, the entire audio scene in Big Sur is chaotic, and unless you're using only Apple-developed software you should avoid Big Sur at all costs.
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