Hello everyone,
I am a Roland addict that has used everything from the first Roland rompler (The U20) to the mighty Roland XV5080 to make music with BIAB
I would like PG Music to collaborate somewhat with Roland to use the Roland Cloud versions of the Sound Canvas and 5080 in a "plug n play" way
any takers ?
these products were so much industry standards they sound excellent together
It would be so nice to be able to use a simple ultraportable with BIAB 2021 to make music
thanks for your listening
Bernard Rasson

BIAB Audiophile 2021, BIAB Megapak 2015 (for midi-only projects), Cakewalk, Roland XV-5080, Roland Fantom XR, Aria AC60 Nylon Strings Guitar, Almansa Spanish Guitar, Fender Stratocaster Japan, two laptops
Je parle français