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Never mind a 2021 Mac version, lets just have a fully working version we can use now. Then work on a 2022 version that looks like it was actually designed for the Mac.
So what?

Apple announced in 2012 that the MacOS would 64 bit only by 2015. Well, that didn't happen—Apple kicked the can to 2019. But, when Catalina was released, many apps were still incompatible including 5 that I use to make a living (BIAB was compatible by the release date, however). Couldn't update till that was addressed. All but one of my bread & butter apps were compatible by October, 2020 so that's when I switched.

A year later, Apple made major changes again as they begin the transition to Apple Silicon. Even if BIAB was compatible, 3 others I use to earn my keep are not… again. Expect this to keep on for a few more years.

I maintain two externals, one for Mojave to run my remaining 32bit app and another for Big Sur. As I've mentioned before, I have my reasons for using externals instead of additional APFS volumes on my iMac Pro's System drive.
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