my perspective.
haveing worked in IT for more than a few years , and darn glad to be out of it, my perspective is , IT is a mess.
particularly at the end user level.

lots of employer orgs get high turnover because they try and hire teks "on the cheap ", because snr mgt/ceo's wanna make their yearly millions, and pay teks as little as possible.
a lot of orgs are like this. ie trickle down economics.

so, often, the budget of the IT dept is starved, so they cant hire the right people or buy the right tech, cos word gets around among teks the bad employers to stay away from.
seen it many times, haveing worked all over the world.

probably one of the worst IT jobs to have is network mgt.
ie the network goes down , and all sorts of insane preassure is put on the network teks by end users to bring it up fast.
or the other situation is where all the teks know a new system will take 3 yrs to develope, and the ceo (with no tek experience) says "your all fired if you cant do it in 6 months", and then wonders why the teks leave, and cant be replaced easily.
anyone who has worked in tek knows all the horror stories
i speak of.
my doc told me my health improved hugely once i "got out of the mad career". lol.

frankly i have no allegiance to any platform.
all platforms have pros/cons.
if next week 60 buk raspberry pi went to 6 ghz and ran reaps and logicx and biab flawlessly, i would be all over it.
same if apple brought out a hyper fast system running the above apps that fit within my few hundred buks budget.

but, until then i have no choice but to buy cheap refurb
yes i could afford to buy a high end system costing a couple of grand but refuse to do so , due to ongoing obsolescence

frankly i feel for teks dealing with new OS versions
on any platform in any industry. been there , done that
in various industries.
these are good nice people at pg from what ive seen probably doing their very best to keep us users happy.

i'm still hoping frankly that apple snr mgt see the huge market they are missing by focusing more on high end systems. big sur and the new silicon look great in concept.

frankly one tek device that gets my "tek award" currently is the cheap under 100 buk amazon fire tablet.
i love the thing for researching new gear and surfing the net etc.
very clever of amazon imho.
my other award is to the audient evo i just got and testing out. its doing a great job for me so far. but time will tell.
note, havent tried it , but runs on ios apparently.


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