BIAB 2020 for Mac is sold as a program that is compatible with OS Catalina. I am running it on Catalina... Are you certain this is not a beta version? It is so full of bugs and so cumbersome to use. Try as I may I cannot get a D.S. al Coda. I have read the posts, watched the videos, does not perform. It should not be this hard to create an ending. That is not the only flaw. Some talk about running peripherals etc... Don't want to deal with tech crap, just want to make backing tracks to improvise over. This program makes that very hard. Now that it is not functional with the latest operating system on Mac, having to run dual boot further complicates what should be enjoyable. Hey PG Music... How about fixing BIAB for Mac so that it functions in a satisfactory manner on any Apple OS, that way the normal non egghead musician types, such as myself, can use it?