Yea I'm beyond frustrated.

I actually tried to do some composing of a backing track with a "form" the other day and it was screwing up SO badly. And since the program basically doesn't function on many levels I can't be sure if it's something I'm doing or just another flaw in the program.

I just can't imagine that this is a priority over there... its literally more than a 1/4 year later after the release and basic functionality hasn't been addressed at all. If ANY of the problems could have been fixed I don't understand why a patch has not been put out to at least fix ANYTHING.

I've sold this program to probably dozens of folks over the years just from recommendations. And I have lots of students that buy it so we can use it on both ends but how can I recommend it now?

I know there are other programs out there that do a very similar thing... when a program loses much of its basic functionality, no matter HOW it happens or WHO's "fault" it is an they don't fix any of it for over a 1/4 year how can I in good faith recommend that program?

At this point I've spent thousands on this with all the upgrades and real tracks so I'm basically stuck... but every single other program I have (yes even all the non native apps) have been updated to work with Big Sur.

Anyways.. fingers crossed. There have been comments above (and we DO very much appreciate members of PG music coming on and at least acknowledging the thread) that they don't want to release anything until it is just exactly perfect... i'd take a patch that literally just got rid of the purple and did nothing else.. at least it would be some sort of progress to getting the program back.

Again.. it's beyond me.. if I had a product and for a certain segment of users it basically didn't work I would not be sleeping at night, I would be working weekends... i'd be calling in every resource I have... I wouldn't be able to eat.. my entire life would be solving the problem... but maybe thats just me. :-(

Fingers still crossed as yet another week of frustration using this program that I absolutely need for my teaching business goes by.