Shadow Dancer

The Band:

Chris Spruit: Piano, Vocals, BGV
Marty Straub: Bass, BGV
Dave Bell: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, BGV

2558:Cello, Background SlowSwing Sw 065


Mixed in Reaper, mastered with Ozone9

We will do a video for this song as we do for all of our songs, but probably not in time to update the song description here. The last few videos have all had performance elements which makes them more fun IMHO.

Check out the YouTube link in my signature if interested.

Shadow Dancer (2021, Christiane Spruit)

Waiting to set on, my whole life
those shadows moving, blind

I am running wild
can't cross the line

My eyes are scaling up the sky
kaleidoscoping, wide
The breaking sunlight is giving sight
In our boundaries
we are satellites

Like shadow dancers
born to surrender
trying to live a life within / between the lights
that we are all returning
not fading like shadows in the night

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