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Over 11 years I have had to changed my OS twice from Win7 to Win10.
With all the OS updates every app kept working no matter how old it was. It will run 32 and 64 bit apps and Win95 apps.

We get it. You think that the PC is, for some reason, superior. Many of us, familiar with both platforms disagree.

Mac is now using PC hardware why the hell can't they make things work and keep working regardless.
Apple is transitioning away — or haven't you read the news?

I have a Mac but because of this endless issue with Mac I don't use it unless I need to.
But you don't like it so who cares?

The only way to get me to use Windows is to pay me. For nearly 20 years, companies did and that was ok and for 10 of them, I did Win support. I don't expect that to be important to anyone but me, however.

Honestly, does your life get a whole lot better with each Mac update/upgrade ? Is each update/upgrade amazingly wonderful ?

Absolutely, unapologetically yes! That my desktop, laptop, phone and tablet work together makes my life and work better. With every major upgrade, I've been able to gauge the impact of tighter integration among my devices and the way it benefits me.

The Win/Android clown car has never been able to come close. If it were better, I'd be riding it—as I did for many years professionally.

I go around the web and you see this all the time, a notice for the Mac version download, you need this version to work on that version of Mac, sorry we are still trying to get a version working for the latest version of Mac........... then next month they are doing it all over again.
Sorry guys but I see this happening over n over n over ad infinitum.
What point do you come to and say to apple enough is enough we can't do it anymore ?????
Nobody's stopping you. Who's "we"? You don't like the platform so why does your opinion somehow count in this?

Apple and Amazon rival each other as the most valuable companies in the world. At what point do you stop beating this dead horse?

Those are rhetorical questions only. I have no interest in your answers.

There is only one Windows app that I'd like to see on the Mac and that is Real Band. If I wanted it badly enough, I'd fire up my Windows laptop (my last day job told me they didn't want it back since nearly everyone has gone to the Mac) and install it.
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