Apple and Amazon rival each other as the most valuable companies in the world
because they are playing and using you !
Apple is transitioning away
yea so you need to buy new hardware ! wake up Man !
A loyal cult member protecting and obeying the Leader. He is using you, He is playing you.
There is only one Windows app that I'd like to see on the Mac and that is Real Band
you're joking aren't you ? just goes to show how much you know about RealBand. And here again you are now telling ME about RealBand ?
Why attack the messenger, I could die tomorrow but will there not still be the same problems, it won't be solved by me dying ?
Why be defensive, why not work to solve the issues rather than attacking me ?
If I left the forum years ago because of such attacks by users being over defensive and protective of Biab RB such as you are now doing for apple when I told the truth, what would you now have ?
Is this not what happens throughout history ?
Do we learn from this or do we keep doing the same thing expecting different results.
If someone tells the truth attack them ????
The reason you have a lot of features in Biab & RealBand and you have a BBPlugin is because of ME telling the TRUTH, I give constructive criticism and development ideas that you yourself now use, if I was dead you would not have these features or a BBPlugin point blank.
Would you not be better telling the TRUTH to apple rather than being hurt because I told the TRUTH ?
Do I serve any purpose in your eyes ?
Do I get zero respect ?

If you are driving home thinking about all this stuff, then suddenly you are hit by another car, everything goes black, then you find yourself out of your body looking down at the crash seeing paramedics trying to resuscitate you, but you are in peace and more free than you ever felt, you don't think gee I want to get back in that body as you now see it all as just *^$#, but they resuscitate you and you are back in pain, BUT your eyes have been opened.
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