I love Mac I would rather use it than Win ! but mine just sits there now because of this very reason, I'm fed up with it. You can only have so many different versions of Mac to run different apps on your machine.
This is ridiculous that with every update/upgrade that happens so often something don't work anymore and sends developers crazy just trying to play catch up and get their software to work on the new version, then no sooner there is another version released.
WHY ????
I would be using it full time now if things just kept working, but they don't !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't like being loyal to something that keeps screwing you over and taking for granted that you will remain loyal as if in a cult, obey and follow the Leader. Sorry guys I Loved Mac but at what point do you say enough already ?
Does Biab run so much better with each update/upgrade ?
Are the stars brighter now at night ? is the sky bluer, the trees greener ? can your consciousness now access another level ?
But don't worry there will be another version released next month to screw us all up all over again and we will blindly follow the Leader.
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