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For all?

2020 for the time being

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If you had an alternate universe where Mac has Rosetta, it runs the same 32/64 bit apps on all updates n upgrades.
Would you get users complaining ?:
"WTF I went to run a 32 bit app and it worked, this is no good, I don't want this !"
"I upgraded and all the apps still worked, this is totally unacceptable, can we stop this from happening some way ?"
"I clicked on a ppc app and it ran, WTF is going on here, how do I stop this ?"

NO you wouldn't because that alternate universe would be heaven.

It's easy saying it's not a problem but if you are one of the many programmers that have to actually fix these issues all the time it's another story.
All these posts here and all the pressure is on the programmer !, NOT apple !
I think you guys should give the empathy to the programmer and copy paste all these post to the apple forum. You don't want to allow them to get away scot free from any of the responsibility.

It's not a football team rivalry where you say that team is bad this team is good, it's just truth.
How many of you have spoken out and said anything at all to apple rather than to me ? The more you speak up and tell the truth the more likely this will bring about change, sure you might get censored on fb or twitter but you've gotta try.

Thank you Pipeline. On one side, I think it's inevitable that Apple will need to remove certain functionality for future progress, like removing 32-bit support in Catalina and jumping from OS9 to OSX - imagine the coding nightmare if macOS still had compatibility with OS9 apps and earlier!

On the other side, software developers like us have great difficulty when we have to chase down issues that crop up due to Apple "progress". Case in point - Apple made an update to their MobileDevice.framework in Mojave and High Sierra that automatically installs when an iPhone is plugged in, and the "update" removes all 32-bit functionality from that particular framework despite the fact that Mojave supports both 32 and 64-bit apps. This update causes BIAB 2018 and earlier to not start, and fixing it on our end requires a complete rewrite of BIAB as a 64-bit app (much like we did going into the 2019 version).

Realistically though, Apple isn't gonna change how they operate unless we all vote with our wallets, and I know most of us won't.

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