Thank you Simon and everyone at PG Music for getting us up and running on Big Sur. Now we can all quit [*****] and now I can move over to the iMac from my dual booted MacBook.

One final [*****]... I had a thought about Apple making changes constantly, I think that is the price we pay for progress and security. Just imagine wanting to stay with last years car model because it worked just fine. How many would be driving an Edsel, or a Model T? Technology is moving at lightspeed, it is hard to keep up. I used Windows machines at work in engineering, mostly graphics and spreadsheet computation. It was so nice to come home to my Macs. To be honest I finally decided to try BIAB in 2020 after writing it off for decades, the only reason I have it now is because of the lockdown, up to this point I had never had a problem with any program because of Apple updates, and BIAB is the only program I am running that was not compatible out of the gate with Big Sur. I am not saying other companies were not behind the curve, I have looked at the compatibility lists online.

Thanks again PG Music.