where we have to jump through hoops

who at PG are trying to fix this problem ? you ? I don't think so, at over 8000 views in this thread PG is the one jumping through hoops for apple !
This is endless hoop jumping at it's very best for our wonderful leader apple !

..Got a Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, iMac, and iPhone SE...I'm not paid enough to deal with that on a regular basis.

$$$$ WOW I could not afford all them, "a fool and his money are easy parted".

DAW plugin
WOW wonder why you have that now !

Originally Posted By: CrvsCrx
Thank you Simon...BIAB is the only program I am running that was not compatible out of the gate with Big Sur...

Originally Posted By: Simon - PG Music
..At this rate we might have full Big Sur support before Pro Tools, Ableton, Digital Performer, Nuendo, Adobe Audition, Tracktion, FL Studio, and all the other DAWs, plugins, and hardware that still don't have Big Sur support!...

WOW look at all those companies that will need to jump through hoops !
ReaTrak Biab & Plugin in Reaper
Free Biab Chord Picker Tool