In my version of The Truth, Elhalan (not David) fighting for the Israelis defeated Goliath who was fighting for the Philistines in single combat by shooting him right between the eyes with a green laser from space. It goes to show how many versions of The Truth there can be.

Mythology and pseudo erudition aside, this section of the forum is the tiny corner where Mac users gather to ask for or provide support on their experience with BIAB.

I believe it’s fair to assume that most of us have freely chosen to use Macs (at least the ones that were not inoculated by Bill Gates with a mind controlling micro ship).

That’s probably why it shouldn’t be so surprising that full on toxic and destructive ranting against Apple and its products is not well received in this neck of the woods.

Do I think everything Apple (or any other corporation for that matter) is perfect? Heck no, not even by a long shot. Still it’s the one that, of my own volition, I’ve decided to use.

And this is the community I will keep coming to whenever I need (or can provide) support in my experience with BIAB for Mac.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go for a drive to think about the David against Goliath conundrum!