You are using Biab and functions/features/BBPlugin NOW !!
You don't seem to mind that they are there now for you to use because I told the truth, ranted, and suggested ideas and solutions !
You have no idea whatsoever of the depth of this.
If I left the forum way back when I came here because uses like you saying that "I'm lying, Biab/RB is fine how it is", you would have F all.
All the stuff developed in Win goes to Mac.
Give me some respect please ! Don't wait till you leave your body.
You have what you have because I stood up and told the truth as I am now, if it's ranting it's to drum the truth home.
Didn't they get rid of Steve then had to get him back, and I'm sure that's what gave him the cancer. The stuff they release is most likely what he has left in the pipeline.
And if I die tomorrow you would still have all these issues in this 9000 view thread again and again, but you will have more features that I have left in the pipeline.

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