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We thoroughly enjoy our cloistered Apple world ... two iPhones, HomePod, Apple TV, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple Play in the vehicle and two Macs.

I resided in the PC environment from the early 80’s until 2011. And I never look back.

Just wanted to mention that we aren’t all Apple haters smile

Yea… I rode the Win/Android clown car for years. Never again.

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Realistically though, Apple isn't gonna change how they operate unless we all vote with our wallets, and I know most of us won't.


We absolutely do vote with our wallets. My iMac Pro is a bargain. For some of my work, the other choice was a $50k Maya Box running Win10. Since no one is paying me to run Windows anymore and it’s my dime, I bought what does the job best. I knock out 2–6 projects a week making music and video. When Time=$$$, the bottom line is very important to me.

Only one of my apps is still 32 bit. I have licenses for a number of apps to take its place but haven’t invested the time to become fluent in any of them. Easier to boot from a Mojave SSD and use the old app.

Many of my collaborators use Win7 or Win 10 so I’m not done with it but that’s ok. I did tech support for years and am still pretty good at solving problems when they occur — like nearly every time Win10 updates.

Making music for a living. Life could be worse.
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