My my,
I've been otherwise occupied for a little while and when I checked in, WOW! I see so many new songs I need to check out.
I better get busy!

Here's one of my latest.
A little something about erotic dreams.
Thanks for listening.


The golden glow of day break, brings the morning light
To wash away the shadows and the dreams she had last night
She flirted with the danger and then she took a chance

This unusual behavior leaves an image in her mind
Of twists and turns and movements of every single kind
Her heart has left her racing with the fever and the yearning for more of this strange dance

~Guitar Solo~

She lies there eyes wide open, the sunshine takes her gaze
Wondering if she could have, acted any other way
And the question goes unanswered, until the next strange dance

~Vocal Hmms & Echoing Guitar~

Through the day it haunts her, this stranger from last night
Living deep inside her, gripping her so tight
Holds her like a trance, the power of strange dance.


The Band:
-Bass - BIAB #2474
-Acoustic Guitar - BIAB #2780
-Fiddle - BIAB #409

- Rhythm Guitar 2- Captain Moto
- Lead Guitar - Captain Moto
- Guitar Fills - Captain Moto
- Vocals - Captain Moto
- Synth Vocals - Captain Moto

Recorded and mixed in Studio One though a Focusrite Clarett interface, Telecaster though a Sm57 mic on a Goodsell amp & Aea Ribbon Mic on vocals

Edited by CaptainMoto (02/26/21 05:25 PM)
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