Hi folks,

I've been struggling with this issue for years now. When making a held chord, pushed chord or a shot, the crash cymbals or snares, sometimes the bass drum is so extremely loud, it makes the play along useless.
Yes, I have lowered the db in the Real Drums preferences menu by 24db already, to absolutely no avail.

I mainly use the basic jazz Realtracks, that are in the Band Styles (best Real Styles) menu, in the jazz swing entries.

At the end of a song I often use a held chord. But instead of holdig the chord I often get a hit on the snare, that blows my speakers and ear drums.

When using pushes (I don't even use shots anymore), the cymbals produce a loud crash.
I already get complaints from my customers, who buy my backing tracks, despite almost compressing the drum tracks to death. I now just mute the drums in the last bar, to avoid the snare shot I get, when choosing a held chord. But I can't do that for needed pushes in the middle of the song.

This is so frustrating! I'm currently thinking of recording the Backing Tracks myself from scratch, bc I really can't work like that. All I need are drums and bass anyway.

This issue was reported years ago and it still hapens. Mind you, these are the very basic jazz swing Realtracks, nothing fancy. Please patch the Realtracks ASAP!

Thank you!

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