Hello members of the beautiful biab,

I decided to modify my post and try to get your feedback. I have a choice to make between two soundtrack instrumentals. The first "the little mermaid" on which I have already had comments. and I thank them for that.

The second "The flight of abatross whose construction method is the same but with slightly different vst. My question is the following: which is for you the movie soundtrack which likes best the 1 or the 2. Your opinion is important for me? would help with the creation of my future soundtrack movie.

1. The little mermaid
Movie soundtrack
Bpm 90
duration: 3 min 17

2. The flight of albatross
Movie soundtrack
Bpm 90
duration: 4 min 39

Work method used for the two soundtracks.
Chord grid developed in Biab VST
research in different styles of solo midi variations or soundtracks of Biab which can be extracted in midi on which I can adapt orchestral vst or soundscape. For example, the midi warm pad track lends itself well to this. But there are many more in old midi styles. Define from the master track imported by C1, the parts where each instrument can be played (for example the guitar). Double some passages with one or more instruments to reinforce the amplitude. Mixing with Ozone9 in studio one.

1.The link to "The little Mermaid" is :

Vst used
IIya Efimov guitar : acoustic guitar
E-instruments Grand S : piano
Eastwest choirs
Symphobia and Lumina for other instruments (strings, Brass, Woodwind and timpani

2. The link to "The flight of albatross" is :
Vst used
Cinematic guitar : acoustic guitar
Eastwest choirs
Symphobia and Lumina for other instruments (strings, Brass, Woodwind and timpani

The link to my other soundtracks is :

If you have the inclination or desire to comment and select your choice 1 or 2 , thank you for your advice.

Kindly regard smile
alias JaniJackFlash

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