It is autumn and you are sitting at the water's edge listening to the waves roll in and watching the colorful leaves fall from the trees while the sun is setting.

BiaB Style = Michel 1 - Slow Pop Orchestral
Tempo = 80

EP = EZ Keys - Dream Machine - Seven Dimension. The keys and the chord progression are from ToonTrack.

BiaB tracks:
Bass = Kontakt - Amadeus - Bass Section
Piano = Kontakt - Purr Jazz Vibes
Guitar = Kontakt - Solid State Strings
Strings = Kontakt - Amedeus - Symphony
Drums = various Steven Slate SSD5 drums and cymbals
Percussion = Kontakt - Brio Ensemble

I am playing my wind controller (Kontakt - Amadeus - French Horn Ensemble - fx = vocal splitter -limiter) and my guitar = Amplitube 5 - fx = TRS Echo

All but the bass and some drums went through a Reverb bus containing Breverb
Gas is so high the mailman is working from home. Yesterday he called me to read my bills to me!

64 bit Win 10 Pro, the latest BiaB and RB, Roland Octa-Capture audio interface, a ton of software and some hardware