This is some rock and roll.... unabashedly loud, in your face, smoking tubes, wall of guitars, rock and roll.

It was fun. The kind of band I'd like to play a few shows with.

The band is pretty sparse on this one.

Bass is 2591 and the drums are punk.

I'm doing all the guitars. I got to admit, some of the lead stuff is kinda sloppy so hang in there.... but man was it a blast to work up. THe amp is Spark and the preset models are several of the rock models. Modern Stone and British accent.... both edited and saved with new presets. The more I play with this amp.... the more I want to play. All mic'd with the Rode at about 24 inches. There's one rhythm track chugging away and 2 lead tracks. Oh... and a couple of vocals. All running at 155bpm. You might find this hard to believe but the amp is at a very comfortable and low volume. I know it sounds like I'm playing with a bunch of double stacked 4x12s behind me cranked up.... And I even got some harmonic feedback in a few places.... But yeah, its a very low volume recording.

I am also running the compression a little tight on this one.

We Ain't Got There Yet (v2.0)

Version 2 is a remix of the guitars and I added some vocals as well as reworked the guitar tracks a bit to clean things up.

As always... headphones.... be careful with the volume.... yeah I know.... but it's so coooool man... anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below and thanks for listening.


The road to hell is paved with good intentions .
This is not the straight and narrow way
Destination up ahead, put your money down, and place your bets
Oh Oh Oh we ain't got there yet

Something new to capture your attention
Turn your head and look the other way
Don't let anybody know, that what you see ain't what you get
Oh Oh Oh we ain't got there yet

Is that a savior on the screen before you
Or a harbinger of things to come
All the lies you've been sold, they're hoping you'll forget
Oh Oh Oh we ain't got there yet


All the people signaling their virtue
Self righteousness is everywhere
The situation has us so distracted, we can't see the threat
Oh Oh Oh we ain't got there yet


Note: this is the song that I had problems with and was having computer issues. I had to delete everything but the original BB file and start over.

I had 2 verses and was stuck for ideas. A discussion with a few BB folks in a different forum thread last week inspired the lines in the 3rd verse.

It's all good. I take my ideas where I can get them.

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