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This is the closest thing to Motörhead I've heard on this forum. Rocks and kicks Lemmy back alive.
Strong lyrics with a warning for those who are not sold yet.
Cool guitar riffs, solos and strong sound of the guitar wall with all the nice effects.
Very good vocal performance.
The best rock song I've heard for a long time, very difficult to stop listening to it.


I've been compared to a lot of folks in the musical world but Lemmy, now that's a first. And a compliment. It is a heads up warning to those who, as you say are not sold and to those who are, as well.

The amazing thing about the wall of guitars is that it's really created by one guitar with the right tone. It's not doubled or effected in any way.

The solo was a challenge because I don't normally use a lot of tapping in my playing AND.... it was at 155 bpm which tends to make things happen really fast.

Best rock song you've heard in a long time.... man that's a great compliment. You can feel free to listen as much as you want.

Thank you

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