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The only computer you can use that will avoid getting viruses would need to be running a non-Windows OS.

That statement surmises that no other O/S can ever be infected with a virus. Surely not.

Please review this article on MAC O/S malware

Linux and Android are all vulnerable, too.

With respect, I believe the statement to be incorrect. Any O/S can and is susceptible to malware. All common Operating Systems have been threatened.

We are in agreement then. I stated avoid for a reason and I stand by my statement - I didn't mean you'll never get viruses on non-Windows computers, just that you'll have a much smaller chance. The way the Unix-like operating systems work prevents many styles of virus from being possible in the first place, but "prevent" doesn't mean "eliminate", and security can only go so far - if you click "Yes" to everything that comes up on your computer then it's just as easy to get a virus on anything.

Regardless, as a blanket statement to the OP, any Windows computer has equal likelihood of getting a virus than any other Windows computer, doesn't matter if it's Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer. That same computer running any non-Windows OS has a much smaller chance of getting a virus. The only way to never get a computer virus is to never own a computer.

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ps. for mac users.
a thread that stunned me this week re apple and daw work. anyone know anything ?
pipeline/simon/mac users , your take on this ?

This only affects USB devices, not PCIe or Thunderbolt. USB isn't that great for audio anyway, just like it isn't great for file transfer, networking, peripherals... It's the jack of all trades (pun intended), but master of none.
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