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I think I'm reading a response from a Mac lover wink grin

A few years ago I might've considered myself a Mac lover. I switched to Mac probably 15 years ago because I was sick of fixing my Windows machine constantly, and Mac "just worked". These days I use Windows Mac and Linux about equally as all of those operating systems are far more reliable than ever before.

Personally I still prefer Mac for music making, but that's mostly because I'm primarily a Logic user which doesn't exist on PC. I also happen to prefer BIAB for Mac over the Windows version, but that's just my personal taste.

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Thanks Notes, appreciate the insight. Will take a look at the T15.

While I can appreciate your equipment choices and the redundancy of your setup, it may be a bit much for the non-paying "nursing home" volunteer work I would like to do. But it's fun to look!


The T15 looks to be a great laptop, though I personally haven't used that exact one myself. Any of the Thinkpad T-series, P-series, or most X-series laptops should generally be considered the cream of the crop, just choose whichever gives you the features you want. I'd suggest springing the extra for the IPS screen whenever possible, as they have MUCH higher viewing angles and are easier to see in poor lighting (such as on stage), and generally I'd also suggest springing for as high end as you can go, as it'll last you longer that way.
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