A somewhat topical song for your enjoyment:


Written during February Album Writing Month 2021. This is actually only
my second complete BIAB track; I'm waiting to hear back from my
collaborator to make sure he's OK with me posting the first one.

I've described this song to some of my friends as being assembled from
leftover parts of songs from the 1970s. Some influences will no doubt
be obvious, some less so.


BB RealBass 1433 - Bass, Electric, JazzFunkGroovin
BB RealDrums - JazzFunkGroovin
BB RealPiano 1437 - Piano, Electric, Rhythm JazzFunkGroovin
BB RealGuitar 1435 - Guitar, Electric, Rhythm JazzFunkGroovin
BB RealStrings 1436 - Guitar, Electric, Rhythm JazzFunkGroovin
BB RealSoloist 1836 - Guitar, Electric, Soloist PopModernGroovin
Vocal and double speed vocal created in Audacity and imported as WAV files
And the famous Wilhelm Screram! (imported from wAV file)


Based (very, very, very loosely) on actual current events. For context, check out this report from NPR.


Where we came from no one knows.
Speculation only grows.
Are we from some other planet --
That can't really happen can it?

Did we come about through mating
Of creatures less intimidating?
Did some mastermind create us
With gene splicing apparatus?

What might be our origin
None can really say
But one thing's for certain --
We are on our way --
Murder hornets! (x4)

Big as any bug you've seen,
Ninety seven times as mean.
Super fast and super strong,
Stingers eighteen inches long.

There's no trap that we can't blow through.
We're smart enough to solve sudoku.
We'll build nests deep underground
And spread our colonies around.

We'll kill all the honeybees,
Chomp them into goo,
Feed them to our larvae,
And then we'll come for YOU!!
Murder hornets! (x4)

Want to know a hornet secret?
You must promise not to leak it.
It's our fundamental thesis:
YOU are the invasive species!

But your kind is smart and tough.
We can't sting you fast enough.
So to wipe you from the scene
We engineered COVID-19!

Then when man is gone
The challenge will be hurled
We'll take on the roaches
To dominate the world!
Murder hornets! (x8)