Thanks everyone.

fj: yes, it's nice to stretch one's vocal chords on a song sufficiently in my range, so as not to hurt any eardrums when straining for a high note or something! haha. The arrangement is all BIAB, I merely changed the instruments ... so all that juxtaposition of the strings to the bass is BIAB's work :-) Thanks so much for listening and for commenting so kindly!

Scott C: thank you. I really appreciate you listening to, and commenting upon, my little musical efforts!

Steve Young: thank you. I'm so glad you like the arrangement, as I deliberately wanted to keep it simple.

Ed: thank you ever so much for yet more kind comments from you. I don't see why you don't have a go at the song, yourself. BIAB, as you say, is full of styles - and you are an accomplished musician, of course ... so it's just a case of finding something that matches your inner vision for the song, as I see it. I'd love to hear an Ed Shaw version, personally - sacred songs are your forte, so I think you'd be amazing at it ...

Peter: thanks! You are such a good arranger and producer, so yours are highly appreciated words, for me. Thanks!
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